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GOOD Fundraising, LLC was created by two female educators with a desire to support students, teams and organizations  throughout our communities. As we began this endeavor, we also found pathways to creating positive connections with local businesses partners, making the impact of our project reach even further. Therefore, at the core of our mission, GOOD Fundraising is focused on providing high-quality products that lead to great outcomes.


Whatever your goals may be - buying new laptops for your classroom, participating in a national sports tournament, or acquiring new band uniforms - GOOD Fundraising is committed to helping you bring it to fruition. We take the "mess" out of fundraising and provide you with digitized platforms, unique products and increased returns that go directly back to your organization. Regardless of the size and scope of your goal, you will be provided personalized assistance by one of our staff members throughout the entire process. It is our joy to connect people to resources as a means of cultivating "good," so please contact us if you'd like to begin your easiest, most effective fundraising project yet. 

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Milwaukee, WI


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Located in Milwaukee, WI



P.O. Box 170026

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